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Re: Dim, flicker & off traced to fuse block

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Subject: Re: Dim, flicker & off traced to fuse block
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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 09:11:25 +0100
The bad news is that problems at the fusebox (unless shorts to ground which
would be accompanied with much letting out of smoke) will affect none of
those things except the interior light and possibly the radio.  Even the
interior light symptom is more likely to be a problem of failure of supply
*to* the fusebox and not within it since the purple fuse only supplies
interior lights and horns.  If the interior light goes out when trying to
crank the cause is almost always bad connections at the battery, its ground
strap, or the solenoid.  The good news is that you may have already cleaned
up all these except the solenoid.  My advice would be to remove the battery
ground strap for safety then remove and clean the lugs and terminals on the
brown wires and the battery cable at the solenoid.


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Subject: Dim, flicker & off traced to fuse block

> ... so when my radio started to inexplicably
> shut off for periods of 3-4 seconds, I was mystified but not alarmed.  A
> later, my voltage light started to briefly blink on, the blink accompanied
> an equally brief shudder from an engine not running, interspersed with the
> radio outage.   ...
> Next time I got in it to work on it not only wouldn't the starter turn
> but the interior light extinguished and wouldn't come back on when I first
> turned the key in the ignition.

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