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Subject: Re: help with a question to all
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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 09:17:26 +0100
Revving the engine till you get valve-bounce is known as an Italian or Asian
tuneup depending on where in the world you live.  It isn't ideal, or
recommended, but on a relatively 'safe' engine like the MGB the revs should
automatically be limited by the valve-bounce before any real harm is done.
But I can't see how that alone would have blown a core/freeze plug.  I hope
it is an 'easy' one and not the one at the rear, but even that can be
replaced using a bolt and nut welded to a plate and some bracketry on the
back of the engine without having to pull it.


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Subject: help with a question to all

> I recently rebuilt the motor on my 73 mgb. Have now 1002 miles since the
> rebuild. A friend attempted to drive the car and thought the gas pepal was
> brake. Had the motor floored. for abouthalf a minute before I was able to
get her
> to shut down the car. Women proceded to do it again though much briefer I
> think that she possibly red lined the motor.  This some how blew out the
> plug in the block draining all the coolant. i am able to start the car.
> does one relpace the freeze plug and get it to stay in place. Have I
> damaged the motor.

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