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Hey, no need to get so upset, dude!

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Hey, no need to get so upset, dude!
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 18:15:30 EDT
My point was that although the magazines you've named are, yes, in fact  
availible at some larger book & magazine outlets, i.e. Barnes and  Noble, etc. 
Still they do not cater to the needs of the average American  British car 
or people like myself who love to go to British  Car Shows. I used to love to 
be able to read about cars owned and  restored by American afficianadoes of 
the LBC, which I guess you are.  Although I may be wrong as everytime anyone 
a view that differs from  yours you seem to go off on an offensive tirade 
either because you feel  others have no right to say what they feel, or you 
that there is only one  view that has any value...yours! Hence you repeatedly 
mail your nastiness and  bitter vitrolic abusiveness like a Nazi on steroids! 
I got your first email so  why did you have to send me 6 more copies of it? I 
still remain firm  in my belief that we need a magazine published and written 
here in the  United States about & for American owners of British cars. And a 
place  to post dates & places of British car meets that are slated to take 
place  here in the USA! Plus, another excellent reason is to act as a forum to  
address issues relative to things that affect us here in the good old USA such  
as the legislation recently passed here in California that did away  with the 
rolling exemption on smog controls for cars 30 years & older. This  stupid 
and insideous attempt at makings our cherished cars simply too  expensive to 
own, means you won't be allowed to register your LBC that was built  after 1975 
unless they have full smog equiptment attached. I was waiting to  put on 
something other than the Zenith-Stromberg I now have on my  MGB, Rats! Again I 
miss reading British Car Magazine, if that upsets  you, hey that's your 
perogative, but why get so nasty, are you and Ed  related?
Keep 'em Running!
Albert  Escalante-
1978 MGB,  1977 Jaguar XJ-6Lump
Central Coast British Car Club-Ventura,  CA.

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