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Re: An essential need for another British Car Magazine

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Subject: Re: An essential need for another British Car Magazine
From: RW <>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 18:06:54 -0700
My 2"
I always appreciated British Car magazine for what it was; a "down home"
publication for people who enjoyed the spirit of owning their British cars
and enjoyed seeing what other people's experience with the same cars was. It
was not fancy or glossy or great literature but it was always fun and
honest. Just like my MGBs or my XKE or my Mark 2 or my MGA or all the other
cars I've spent too much money on over the years. The publisher, whom I met
on several occasions, was a stand-up guy who had a genuine love of the cars
and, more importantly, the people who owned them. I have read Classic
Motorsports since the demise of BC but it's not quite the same. I think
there's room in the hobby for a range of interest. Otherwise everyone would
buy and drive 1932 Fords. If you want the best U.S. magazine published about
cars, go out and subscribe to Sports Car International. But if you wanted to
sit in your garage with the door up and the sun shining on the boot of your
'B or Healey or Morgan and kill an hour or so just having a pleasant time,
reading British Car was a great way to do it. Wish there was something good
to take it's place.
Rod Williams
Petaluma, California
1967 MGB

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