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sticky throttle

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Subject: sticky throttle
From: Mike Duvall <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 20:49:08 -0500
I have twice encountered something similar on my A.  One time was the 
springs on the throttle shafts came slightly loose and were not pulling 
the throttles back completely closed. When it is idling high, try to 
twist the throttles closed.  The other time was when the throttle cable 
was clamped a little too long and the casing of the cable would pop out 
of the holder right above the carbs and then not slide back in.  In 
both instances tapping the gas would sometimes make it go away.   Mike

On Oct 18, 2004, at 6:34 PM, () wrote:

>> What would cause my MGA to stick at around 1200-1500 RPMs.  I can 
>> bump the
>> gas pedal and sometimes it will ease back down, sometimes it won't.  I
>> checked the throttle cable and all the linkage etc on the carbs and 
>> all
>> seems to be in order.  I am guessing it may be the throttle shafts are
>> sucking "wind" (air) and may need to be rebushed.  I am also hoping
>> someone
>> will email back with a simple cheaper solution.
>> Thanks!
>> Mike R

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