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Factory Hard Top Fit

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Subject: Factory Hard Top Fit
From: "Vintage Norm" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 22:45:44 -0400


I bought a factory ht in 1994 when I had my 1980 B.  When I sold the '80
B, the top stayed for use on my 1966 B.  It is still on the '66. (See:   And, it
fit both very well.


You say you didn't have the side brackets when you brought it home.
Have you fitted them yet?  Those brackets will pull the top down a lot.
You may also want to look at some of the aftermarket rubber seal
suppliers.  I bought some weatherstripping from Steele to fit the edge
of the top where the windows touch.  It forms an excellent seal.  The
only additional sealing I had to do on the '80 was at the lower rear
part of the window where it didn't quite seal completely.  A small piece
of adhesive-backed weatherstripping from the hardware store solved the


So, bottom line - the factory top WILL fit both CB & RB cars.


BTW, I'm assuming yours is a real factory top, not a look-a-like.


That brings up an interesting question - does anyone know what numbered
tops were made in which years?  The factory tops had serial numbers.
And, like our cars, they may have sequences that relate to certain


Norm Sippel

'66 MGB 

Finished 33rd of 67 "Faster" MG's in Collier Cup w/hardtop

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