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MGB bonnet latch

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Subject: MGB bonnet latch
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 14:40:52 -0700
This will be only of interest to anyone who has actually experienced this 
problem as I have followed all the diagrams, checked for binding, applied 
grease, dis-assembled, re-assembled, dis-assembled, re-assembled ad nauseam!

When I close down the bonnet (and it is not fouling anything) I sometimes 
can open it with the pull cable - but not always.  But after a few goes it 
will NOT lock down.  The catch (pulled by a spring) just does not seem to 
hold.  So I cannot close my bonnet!   If I do get it to close it will not 
open using the pull cable from inside the cockpit - but it will open using 
my emergency coat hanger pull thing through the wing (fender).

It just does not make sense as the mechanism is pretty straight 
forward.   Everything is tight and in place.   If anyone has experienced 
this weird problem please let me know if you found out why it happens.

My desperation action is to take the whole bonnet off and redo that ????????

Barrie Robinson 

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