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Courtesy Lights

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Subject: Courtesy Lights
From: Douglas Gaither <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 23:01:19 -0700

So I was a little giddy and went ahead and purchased the "Courtesy 
Lights" kit from VB.  I realize after seeing it that I paid way too 
much for this.  So, I'm installing it into a '66B.  I've drilled a hole 
for the switch in the door jamb.  But it seems I've drilled into one 
side of a 'box' that is about 5 inches deep.  Of course the kit was a 
generic type with no instructions.  So, now I've got a problem with 
attaching a nut on the other side of the switch to hold it in place.  I 
think I could "dremel" an access hole into the footwell that would not 
only accommodate the wiring but allow access for a wrench to tighten 
the nut.  Or I could try drilling an even larger hole in the far side 
of the box so I could use a ratchet (although this seems like the hard 

Has anyone else tried to install one of these kits in a Mark I MGB?


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