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I need Hardtop help

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Subject: I need Hardtop help
From: Douglas Gaither <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 23:09:14 -0700
Thanks for everyone who responded to my requests for a hardtop.  I 
ended up located one right here in Fresno for only $200.  It is in 
pretty good shape except... the seals are shot and the brackets are 

I've found a MacGregor's Car Parts here on the web that sells the seals 
but they are rather expensive ($150 for back - $50 for windows).  So 
I'm trying my luck to locate dealers that sell weatherstripping that 
might work.  Any leads for dealers or advise is welcome.

There are brackets attached to the inside sides, just not the part that 
holds it to the car.  I don't think these will be difficult to 
fabricate.  But the front brackets are different that the standard 
latching brackets.  The captive nuts in the fiberglass are closer 
together and are mounted further away from the edge than a standard 
bracket can accommodate.  Any advise about locating brackets or 
fabricating replacements?

I do like the looks of the SnugTop a lot.  Having real glass is a nice 
feature.  There is less head-room but I am not that tall!



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