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Re: Courtesy Lights

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Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 09:08:30 +0100
Go back to VB.  Because of that box MGB (and many others I have worked on)
don't secure the switch from behind but from in front with two screws or
just a push-fit spring-clip.  Even then you will have the job of fiddling
the wire from behind the dash close to where the cross-brace joins the side
panel through the box, this wire is attached to the switch before the switch
is secured to the A-post.  Another alternative is to secure the switch to
the door - where you *can* get to the back of it - instead of the A-post and
take the wire along the curve of the hinge and from there into the cabin.


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> So I was a little giddy and went ahead and purchased the "Courtesy
> Lights" kit from VB.  ...  I've drilled a hole
> for the switch in the door jamb.  But it seems I've drilled into one
> side of a 'box' that is about 5 inches deep.  ...  So, now I've got a
problem with
> attaching a nut on the other side of the switch to hold it in place.

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