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Subject: Re: storage
From: Eric <>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 09:42:47 +1030
Aaron Whiteman wrote:
> 2 months to ski season, wheee!

Well, for those of us on the other side of the plant....

I have just come back from working trackside at the Indy300 at Surfers
Paradise where it was 34 degrees C (somewhere around 90 degrees F) and
40C+ (over 100F) on the track itself.  Queensland is sub-tropical so the
humidity was pretty intense too.

This gave me a taste of what is to come in a few weeks here in Adelaide,
South Australia.  But it also heralds the end of our competition season
as you can imagine our little cars don't really like running at 5000 -
6000 revs for any amount of time in those sort of temperatures (well,
some handle it better than others).

Darn those WRX drivers with their roofs and their airconditioning!

Adelaide, South Australia

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