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RE: mgc mgb tach 6 cyl

To: "Richard Schultz" <>,
Subject: RE: mgc mgb tach 6 cyl
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 08:45:12 -0700

What kind of time frame?

I have a '69 MGC and am strongly considering converting to an early RHD
dash.  If and when I finally convince myself, the original tach will
become superfluous.  

Contact me off list and you can offer suitable arguments.  

Come to think of it, I also have an original 68-76  4 cyl. Tach (not
sure exactly what year, but I can check) that was professionally rebuilt
and converted to 6 cyl. use, that I was going to install in a V6 powered
MGB GT.  The rebuilder even wrote 6 cyl. on the face.  That is also

Kelvin Dodd

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> All, I've been trying to find someone who is willing to separate with
> Smiths tach 6cyl.  I have been searching all over the internet ..;.
> etc
> with no luck.  Have any of ya'll got a spare you're willing to part
> r/
> Richard

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