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Re: wire wheels

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Subject: Re: wire wheels
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 15:57:58 +0100
Reminds me of the late 60s when I kerbed a tyre on my Mum's car and wanted
to reverse it on the wheel to hide the damage (I know, I know).  Went to a
local garage where the chap gave me a thing like a slide hammer in reverse
to break the bead.  Could I get enough effort into it?  Could I 'eckerslike.
He was a big beefy Swede and had it off in two goes.  Like the idea of
driving over it, although I don't think I'll try it with my chrome wires.


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> ... I
> have to take the wheel to a shop first to break loose the tire bead,
> -- I have never managed to do that myself with hand tools.

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