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Re: Back pedalling odometer

Subject: Re: Back pedalling odometer
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 17:02:25 -0500
> How does one take the odometer back to zero.  I often here about this
> being 
> done.  Does one just stick an electric drill on it and wind back?

The odo is driven by a "picker" so reversing the drive will not reverse 
the odo.

I take the odometers apart to repair them when the primary number wheel 
gets loose on its shaft and the odometer stops advancing. This same 
method can be used to set them to any figure you like. Be aware than in 
many states and some countries this is a felony, but usually only if 
it's used to defraud. I don't recommend that you try this if you are not 
experienced in working on clocks and meters, since it's VERY fiddly and 
difficult, especially without the right tools. However, you might 
consider my method, if you aren't daunted by the warnings: I got around 
a dozen odometers out of a friendly salvage yard, back in the 60's, and 
tore them all apart to see how they worked.

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