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Re: Choke knob

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Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 16:21:54 +0100
Hmmm, not sure about easy.  The vents have a little plastic latch in the upper
and lower outer corners which locks behind the metal of the dash (UK tin dash,
that is).  By careful poking with a small screwdriver or wire hook and
levering the upper latch down and sliding the vent down as far as it will go,
or levering the lower latch up whilst sliding the vent up as far as it will
go, whilst pulling the vent forwards gently, you can get first one unlocked
and then the other, then the vent slides out.  The second vent is a bit easier
if you can get your fingers in the space left by the first vent to push the
upper latch down and the lower latch up.  Don't lever the latches too much or
I suspect they can break off.  You should find the fresh-air tubes from the
heater box left behind.  When replacing the vents for the first one you can
probably get fingers in to position the tube in the vent as you push it home,
for the second one you will need a hand up behind the dash to position the
tube.  With the vent open and enough light you can see what you are doing.  If
you don't get the tubes positioned in the vents you will get a continual

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    On my 73 you need to remove the two fresh air inlets on the dash which
lets you
    get a slim hand and spanner behind the dash to undo and retighten the nut
    and lock-washer.


  Is there an easy way to get the vents out?

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