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RE: Choke knob

To: "Gosling, Richard B" <>,
Subject: RE: Choke knob
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 09:09:18 -0700
My two bits.  

The 1970 US spec car I just bought came with a round knob type choke
cable.  Because of it's location close to the top roll of the dash it
was very difficult to use.  This was a real pain, because the car was
very difficult to start cold for some reason and needed a lot of choke

The poopiecharger kit I installed after a couple of weeks came with a T
type choke cable and I just used the inner cable and handle in the
existing outer sleeve.  Sorry, but I can be lazy sometimes.  The T
handle is much, much easier to use, as the fingers can be hooked behind
it without hitting the dash top.  Funny, the car is much easier to start
now too! 

Back in the days of yore, we would sell round knobs to metal dash owners
and T handles to padded dash owners.  

Kelvin Dodd

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> Ryan said: "My '72 B has a t-bar that is original equip.  US model, CA
> be
> exact for smog purposes."
> Cheers Ryan - it's looking like the US models changed to the T-bar
> earlier than the UK models, which didn't swap until '76, a couple of
> into rubber-bumper era.  Why on earth they would use different choke
> for different markets in the intervening years I cannot imagine - but
> BL did plenty of stuff that makes no sense to most people!
> Anyway, the later choke pulls do seem to be available from all the
> suspects, for a fiver or so, so I won't be asking anyone to part with
> theirs!
> Richard & Nancy

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