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Brake Bleeding

To: <>
Subject: Brake Bleeding
From: "Randy Widman" <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 09:01:29 -0400
Hi Listers,

I have been reading through the archives and haven't found the problem I am
having. I replaced all (3) hoses, (the rear outer casing was completely split,
the inner casing seemed okay). Anyway, I was able to bleed (3) of the brakes
but on the right rear I can't get anything (air or fluid) to come out. The
only other thing I did was replace that wheel's bleeder screw. I even took the
entire bleeder screw out and tried to bleed the brake and nothing happened. It
acts like there is something plugged up! When replacing the bleeder screw if I
got a little greasy dirt that was around the hole accidentally pushed in the
bleeder screw hole could that cause this problem? Looking for ideas.

Thanks in Advance

Randy Widman
Red '79 B

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