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RE: Brake Bleeding

To: "'Randy Widman'" <>,
Subject: RE: Brake Bleeding
From: "Gosling, Richard B" <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 14:31:21 +0100

I very much doubt pushing dirt into the hole with the bleeder removed would
cause this effect - there's a lot of pressure in the hydraulics when you
press the pedal, so if you can push dirt in with your finger, the brake
fluid can certainly push it back out again the same way!

All I can suggest is a systematic approach to finding the blockage.
Disconnect the pipe from the brake cylinder and get someone to press the
pedal - if fluid comes out the problem is in the cylinder, if it doesn't the
problem is between the point where the pipe splits in two and the end of the

If the problem is in the cylinder, you could dismantle to try and find it -
or you could just buy another.  They really are pretty cheap (about #10 in
the UK), so not worth wasting too much of your time over.

Could the bottom end of the bleeder nipple have broken off when you tried to
loosen it?  If they break it's usually above the thread, but I guess this is
possible, in which case that would certainly stop any fluid coming out...

Richard & Nancy

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