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Re: Filling Gearbox

To: Randy Widman <>
Subject: Re: Filling Gearbox
From: "Paul T. Root" <>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 09:27:58 -0500
There is a hole with a plug in the transmission tunnel.

But the way I filled it was a funnel with a hose on it.
Seems there was a valve on the funnel too. Gotta be in the
garage somewhere...

Randy Widman wrote:
> Hi Listers,
> I need to drain/re-fill the gearbox on my 79 MGB. I have no idea if/when it
> was ever done before. From what I can see in the book the filler hole is
> behind the radio console (What a great place to put it). Since it looks like
> it is going to be a real headache just getting to it to unscrew the cap and
> look into it, can anyone give me ideas on HOW to get the gearbox fluid INTO
> the hole in that location?
> Thanks for any ideas.
> Randy Widman
> Red '79 B

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