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RE: Filling Gearbox

To: "'Randy Widman'" <>,
Subject: RE: Filling Gearbox
From: "Gosling, Richard B" <>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 15:09:17 +0100
On the subject (and without being much help to Randy), I was about to change
the gearbox oil on Nancy (recently acquired BGT on her way back from a
10-year "rest").  I checked Haynes and there it said the thing to use was
engine oil, 20W50 I think.

Any views on this (Nancy has O/D, btw)?  I was going to use a Chevron 15W40,
slightly lighter than what is recommended, but available in big drums for
little money from Costco...

Randy, if it's any help, it's been quite a few years since I filled the
gearbox on my last BGT, but I remember it being a sight easier than my
Triumph Spitfire, which need doing with a long-nozzled pump oil can from
underneath, damned awkward even with the car on a lift!  Almost any access
from in the car has to be better than from below...

Richard Gosling

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