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Re: MGF's in the USA

Subject: Re: MGF's in the USA
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 12:44:00 -0500
Gosling, Richard B wrote:

> Paul said: "...$80k is a lot of money. I don't know. You throw every option
> on the Elise and you still only hit $50k."
> You what?  In the UK the Elise is significantly more - #24k-#28k rather than
> #16-#20 for the MG TF (depending on engines).  The MG is undoubtably a more
> practical car, but you'd still have to have a fairly blind dedication to pay
> more for the MG than the Lotus, IMHO.  Then again, I own an MG, but have
> worked for Lotus, so I have a degree of blind dedication to both!

Back in 2002, I got a few laps in an Elisse at Oulton Park and I remain 
totally impressed with the car and its handling.

> Paul also said: "...that might be a good engine swap for a B. Compact and
> tons of power. Orientation change required of course...."  That should be
> possible - the K-Series engine is commonly used for Caterham 7 cars (and its
> imitators).  Caterham I believe have their own 6-speed gearbox, I'm not sure
> what gearboxes other kit cars use.
> I had a quick look at that website - I'm amazed how strict the US is about
> imported cars!!  In the UK (which I generally believe has a more nannying
> government than the US) the attitude appears to be more along the lines of
> "if you choose to import a car personally (and the same goes for cars from
> very low volume manufacturers, and kit cars) you probably know the risks
> you're taking and so safety requirements are lower".  Kit cars and personal
> imports have to go through "Single Vehicle Approval" - which is just a test
> to ensure that the car meets roadworthiness requirements such as having
> appropriate lights etc., and that it appears to be structurally sound (no
> bad thing for some kits constructed by amateurs in their garage!).  This
> allows you to bring in pretty much any car from anywhere you want.
> The irony is that the US has these incredibly strict requirements for
> imported cars, yet many states (I believe?) have little or nothing in the
> way of annual roadworthiness tests, while in the UK we have our fairly
> rigourous annual MOT test.

I can confirm this; we have no safety check, no emissions check at all 
in Oklahoma. We did for a few years, but we dropped it. In my opinion, 
the import regulations are not about safety or pollution here in Darkest 
'Merka; it's about getting the sheep ready to be controlled, used to 
having to ask permission for damned near everything.

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