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coolant loss

To: mgs <>
Subject: coolant loss
From: Phil Bates <>
Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2005 09:27:13 -0600
I have a problem with coolant loss in my MGA.  It's not losing a lot of 
coolant, but it is enough that I have to watch it.  I know my car pretty 
well (I do all the work on it, and have owned it 7 years)  - and I'm at 
a loss myself at trying to find where the coolant is going.  My latest 
suspicion is a crack in my head.  I've  watched my exhaust and had 
people watch it, and no white smoke - so I don't suspect that I have a 
bad head gasket.  My oil isn't frothy either - so I really don't suspect 
a blown head gasket.  I've looked for leaks all over, and can't find 
any.  I have a coolant recovery bottle for expansion, so I shouldn't be 
leaving it on the ground like most MGA's either.  None of that makes 
sense though, because I know that it is going somewhere - and that it is 
either be burning or leaking.  Anyone know how much coolant one loses 
with a small crack in the head??

Phil Bates
'58 MGA

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