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RE: coolant loss

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Subject: RE: coolant loss
From: "Councill, David" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 10:09:36 -0600
Have you tried another radiator cap? If its not holding sufficient pressure,
you could be losing coolant through steam loss. You didn't say how much
coolant you were losing either. I was having a problem with coolant loss on my
67BGT and I could see it was going out the overflow pipe. I tried another
radiator cap. But what happened, as near as I can tell, is that my BGT likes
to run a fairly low coolant level and so every time I topped it up, it just
ended up spitting it out. I think it likes to run with a coolant level maybe
1" or so below the fill neck and since I have ignored it, it hasn't shown any
need for coolant. Granted its a BGT with a nice oven inducing black interior
so I don't drive it when it gets really hot outside. Thats when the B comes

David Councill
67 BGT
72 B


From: on behalf of Phil Bates
Sent: Sat 7/9/2005 9:27 AM
To: mgs
Subject: coolant loss

I have a problem with coolant loss in my MGA.  It's not losing a lot of
coolant, but it is enough that I have to watch it.  I know my car pretty
well (I do all the work on it, and have owned it 7 years)  - and I'm at
a loss myself at trying to find where the coolant is going.  My latest
suspicion is a crack in my head.  I've  watched my exhaust and had
people watch it, and no white smoke - so I don't suspect that I have a
bad head gasket.  My oil isn't frothy either - so I really don't suspect
a blown head gasket.  I've looked for leaks all over, and can't find
any.  I have a coolant recovery bottle for expansion, so I shouldn't be
leaving it on the ground like most MGA's either.  None of that makes
sense though, because I know that it is going somewhere - and that it is
either be burning or leaking.  Anyone know how much coolant one loses
with a small crack in the head??

Phil Bates
'58 MGA

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