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RE: coolant loss

To: "'Phil Bates'" <>, "'mgs'" <>
Subject: RE: coolant loss
From: "Bill Miller \(LBC's\)" <>
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 10:44:36 -0500
My 'B was loosing a little coolant (maybe a quart every 700 miles or so) 
Same situation, no puddles, no white smoke, nothing in the oil.

Turned out that I had a crack in the head from the water jacket to the
OUTSIDE of the head between plugs one and two.  Seems that I was "steam
cleaning" the engine block in this crack, and with a black painted head, I
didn't see it.  It just looked like discolored paint.  One day after a long
drive I popped the hood to check something and saw the faintest trail of

I think our engines share a similar head.  You might want to check there.

Best of Luck,

-----Phil Wrote:-----

I have a problem with coolant loss in my MGA.  It's not losing a lot of
coolant, but it is enough that I have to watch it. <SNIP>

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