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new points-won't start

To: "MG list" <>
Subject: new points-won't start
From: "MonteMorris" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 13:52:10 -0500
Several weeks ago the 67B started sputtering and dying. After waiting a few
minutes it would start and run fine, but die a little later. I
started/died/coasted 8 miles home. Several listers suggested it probably was
the condenser, the rotor, or the coil, so today I replaced them all along
with new points. I removed the 25D dizzy in order to do this (I didn't
loosen the clamp and remove the dizzy, I left the clamping bolts alone and
removed the whole clamping plate from the block in order to preserve the
Now it won't start at all; I smell gas under the bonnet when I choke it, but
it acts like it's not getting any fire.
A couple of questions before I go back out to the garage:
    1. By removing the whole dizzy bracket, the dizzy will only go back in
one way, correct? (It seems like I've read that the dog will not go back in
180 degrees off). I did not turn the car over or rotate the flywheel while
the dizzy was out, but I don't remember where the rotor was pointing when I
removed the dizzy.
    2. When installing the points, the points should be isolated from the
condenser lead and the terminal and lead by a fiber or plastic washer,
correct? In other words the condenser lead and the terminal and lead are not
isolated from each other, but only from the points?
    3. If both of the above statements are correct, where do I now start
looking for the problem? I made the mistake of not starting the car (it's
been sitting for two weeks) before I started replacing parts, so it may not
have started in the first place, but I did drive it into the garage under
it's own power two weeks ago. So I'm assuming it is something to do with
what I've done this morning.


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