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RE: Unloading your lift

To: "'PHILIP ERIKSON'" <>, <>
Subject: RE: Unloading your lift
From: "Stuart MacMillan" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 13:15:18 -0700
A do it yourself pit would probably be cheaper.  In my climate and location
(Seattle) though, a pit would be a lap pool in the winter without a floor
drain hooked into the sewer, which would add considerably to the cost and
difficulty.  I'm also about 20" from glacially compacted clay hardpan so
dense you need a jackhammer to dig in it, and I also covered up a long
abandoned septic tank with my garage.  It's a lift or nothing for me.

Stuart MacMillan

Philip wrote:

I, too, am getting jealous. Have any of you built, or contemplated building,

a pit? I saw one in Stanley Gold's garage in the book "Ultimate Garages". I 
thought that it would be what I'd do if I had a 10-car garage with an 
attached house. Seriously, is a pit more costly that a lift, I wonder?

Phil Erikson
'66 MGB

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