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Unloading your lift

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Subject: Unloading your lift
From: "Stuart MacMillan" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 18:03:34 -0700
Man, I'm jealous!   I built a big garage with a 10 foot high ceiling so I
could put in a lift, but I spent all my money on the garage!  It'll just
have to wait.


With a one ton box 15' long you've got some unloading challenges.  I was
just going to go for the small Bendpak unit and add casters.
(  I think I can
move the pieces around with two people to assemble this one.


Your trucker will have to have a tilt-bed slide-off truck like the lumber
yards use to unload this thing. Then bring up each piece separately if it
can't be slid off near your garage.  Unless you've got a wide enough drive
to bring a 15' long 400 lb piece up sideways on a forklift, you are going to
have to enlist a crew to carry it up.  Four to six guys should be able to
handle this as long as you can provide a good way to grip the unit.  Rope
slings, handles, etc.  Have them sign a liability waver!


Good luck, and keep us posted. I really want to do this since I'm the family


Stuart MacMillan

'65 MGB 

'64 MGB (son's project)

'71 MGB GT (daughter's daily driver)

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