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Re: Central Coast British Car Show a big hit!

Subject: Re: Central Coast British Car Show a big hit!
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 11:41:02 EDT
Hi Phil,
Wow, I guess there are always two sides to any coin! One mans  feast is 
another mans famine...And while I do understand and respect your case  for 
think about how we felt last year having to turn away over 30  beautiful 
cars. Nobody really knows what the final total number of cars we  turned away 
year was. I've heard about 40 or so. And yes there were a  few disparaging 
views voiced this year, too. And we will address those  issues as soon as we 
these silly smiles off our kissers! Because, believe  me, there's nobody 
who'd like to see a "perfect car show" more than yours truly.  Imagine the 
headlines that it would generate, not to mention the notches we  could put on 
our Car 
Show gun. You wrote saying that in the MG  area you could hardly hear 
anything at all. I will place that piece of pie on  our DJ's plate. I forgot to 
that this was DJ Brian Fitzgerald's 6th year of  playing his patented, and so 
cool "California Sounds" for our Car Meets.  Happier, more laid back, finger 
poppin' good time car music I've yet to hear.  Perfect background music for the 
venue, don't you agree? A perfect blend of  the Beach Boys, MoTown, Liverpool, 
Merseybeat, and East-Coast Hip!  But,  just as I was trying to grab my 
customary "noon-ish" old guy snooze...My  mind was suddenly put on Def-Com 4 
by the first strains of the high  pitched Bag piping inhaling-exhaling started. 
Luckily the hoots and hollars of  what sounded like entire cast of 
"RiverDance on Steroids" was able to tone the  treble down a tad on my mental 
Hi-Fi! Or 
else you might have read in the next  days paper where some crazed car guy had 
to be physically restrained  and taken away to "HappyTown"  by the guys in 
white coats. For some people  its fingernails on chalk boards for others its an 
ill-fitting toupee, for me its  that continual holding of the one note until 
it finally all sounds like King  Kong with flatulence. Too many post- 9-11 
memorials I guess! Who knows..? But it  obviously was making lot's of people 
happy, because like I said,  had it not been for all of the laughter and 
sounds of sheer joy emanating from  the same general area...I could have easily 
started to foam at the mouth and  begin making all kinds of embarrassing 
and jerky motions common to the  losing of ones mind! But all in all, yours 
is truly the minority report in terms  of peoples response. One hint for next 
year, if we're still there. There's some  talk about us going to the historic 
Mission Park in downtown Ventura, CA (across  from Mission San Buena Ventura of 
course! But that decision's not up to me.)  But, next year bring an nice car 
blanket, a loaf of bread, some nice  cheese...the drink and choice of guests 
that you fancy...In other words do  what we all should be doing after a nice 
drive on a summers day. Have a  picnic ...and enjoy the serenity of the 
surroundings... (until... "The  Pipes- the pipes begin a-calling....! O'er 
hills 'n 
dales, and in....") For me  I'm still trying to rid myself of this cocksure 
attitude that comes from riding  the crest of a big wave... Or in this case a 
GREAT car show. Plus, believe  me that bathroom silliness WILL BE taken care 
of...The nerve of some smucks,  ehhh? 
Yours in Fraternal Solidarity and a penchant for all things  LBC!
Albert Escalante
Central Coast British Car Club

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