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Re: Central Coast British Car Show a big hit!

Subject: Re: Central Coast British Car Show a big hit!
From: (Richard Feibusch)
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 09:24:34 -0700
Albert and Listers,

Having been going to the Ventura meet since it started with Daryl Struth
and the Ventura Triumph Club, I would have to say that this year's event
was exactly what is now needed, especially with the final demise of the
Woodley Park British meet.  I have been producing these type of meets for
over 30 years, and understand that there will be a glitch or two when you
change venues.  You try to think of everything but stuff comes up that you
never even thought about.

"If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked
something. "
- - Stephen Wright

>From my perspective, this meet was super and I am sorry that more LA area
people didn't participate - I need this sort of thing to recharge my
British car batteries. I have been thinking of selling my Minor and getting
an old American car that won't be laughed at and hid in the back at the
local "cruise night."

After my visit to the Ventura Meet and meeting with a number of old and new
South Coast friends, as well as beople who DON'T say "What the hell is
THAT???" when they walk by my car, I have developed new respect for a car
that I have owned for 35 years!!!  I also am thinking about fixin' up a
Hillman Husky wagon that I know about.

We need this to keep this hobby going.  That is why I am so encouraged by
the new venue. There is actually enough room to contain as mant cars as we
had last year at Woodley AND they are able to have a swap meet (which was
always a problem at Woodley) and have restaurants within walking distance
as well as food and designer coffee on site.  The new venue is also closer
to the south and will be better for people coming from that direction.

I drove up the coast from Santa Monica and back and our 948cc Minor hummed
up and back without a problem. took about an hour each way - about 20
minutes more than Woodley, from where we live in west LA.

As for the event last Sunday, my wife Carolyn and I were impressed from the
time that we arrived - the registration on the little roundabout was
brilliant - one of the organizers mentioned to me that they were a bit
concerned with the 25 car backup at the begining.  My answer was, "Only 25
cars?" had hundreds backed up in Palo Alto and at Woodley a time or
two.  The handmade awards were cool as can be - real works of art!

The cars were well arranged and not crammed together and this made for
great photography.  The lawn was easy to get onto and park with your
marque.  The Scottish Dancing and pipers were not only entertaining, the
added a cultural aspect that must be driven home, especially as these cars
seem to be sprouting more Japanese and Yankee iron under their fine British

There is a reason that these cars are the way they are - and those pipes
and that dancing is a part of that.

You guys did a terriffic job and should be quite proud of your efforts - I
think the venue is great and will allow room for expansion.  Also consider
that this area is less "touristy" than Ventura (at this time)  and we had
much better spectator parking and less, mindless lookie-Lous.

Good Meet!


Rick Feibusch
British Car Network
Venice, California

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