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Re: Headlamps on 79 B Roadster.....

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Subject: Re: Headlamps on 79 B Roadster.....
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 16:25:44 +0100
Almost certainly a PO mod, just one of several suppliers of
alternative/uprated headlamps, although late cars could depart from Lucas in
other electrical areas, possibly due to non-availability through strike
action.  If they are higher wattage than the original, and halogen bulb
instead of tungsten sealed beam, then I'd say it confirmed it.  Fitting
uprated headlamps without installing relays at the same time is not a good
idea, the higher currents usually involved can cause failure of the main and
dip switches and overload the wiring.  And you usually lose a significant
amount of the additional light output in original wiring, switches and


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> I noticed the headlamps are Raydyot's. I
> thought  standard equipment on the later MGB's was still Lucas....anyone
else with a
> late  model B have the same setup, or did the previous owner install

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