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Re: Headlamps on 79 B Roadster.....

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Subject: Re: Headlamps on 79 B Roadster.....
From: "Mike L" <>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 23:27:06 -0400
Not sure if the fuel pump and coil are accessories, but they along with the
fog lamps/instrument lites are also without fuses.

60 MGA, 67 etype, 59 Bugeye

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Subject: RE: Headlamps on 79 B Roadster.....

> I had a '74 B roadster that had halogen headlights fitted by the prior
> owner.  I kept replacing failed light switches until I installed a
> relay.  Older MGs have fuses for all the electrical accessories, but not
> for the headlights!  I had a fire behind the dashboard of an MGA as
> proof of this minor BMC oversight.  I'm not sure if this was corrected
> on later MGs.  I'd have to say that the lack of appropriate fuses and
> relays is one of the reasons that British car electrical systems get a
> bad rap.
> Don Scott
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> '91 Miata BRG
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