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whistling brakes

Subject: whistling brakes
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 11:14:47 -0400
Hi all,

Now that the high heat is gone from the East Coast, I took my '76B 
out for a run yesterday.  I noticed several "unpleasant" events 
centered around the vehicle's brakes.  Could use some info.

1) Brakes required a heavy foot.
2) Heavy whistling from the area of the MC (and more likely, the 
Servo Assembly).  Had this problem last year but it went away with 
all the cruising I did last year.
Whistling is much louder.

3) Also an apparent vacuum leak in the engine...symptom was a 
modestly wild change in rpms when I braked.

Now, I don't know if 3 is related to 1 &2. Is it?  But 1 & 2 seem to 
indicate failure of the brake booster.
So I go to the Moss catalog and the brake booster (item 182-190) is NA.

Is a reasonable guess that a membrane in the brake booster was holed 
so the vacuum booster no longer has a vacuum to boost with?

So where do I obtain either a replacement booster or a parts to 
repair or .... (all suggestions wanted)?


Bill Saidel
Dr. William Saidel
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