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Re: whistling brakes

To: Bill Saidel <>
Subject: Re: whistling brakes
From: Paul Root <>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 10:50:08 -0500
Sounds like your servo is leaking. When you push the peddle, the  
servo goes in and the
engine supposed to give you a vacuum (low pressure) which aids  
pushing the brakes.

Heavy foot sales it's not helping.
Whistling sounds like air finding it's way in, thus nullifying the  
What do you know vacuum leak in the engine, extra unwanted air coming  
from somewhere. Right
down the tube.

To test this theory. Block up the hose to the manifold. Actually,  
better, block off the port
on the manifold. The hose could be the problem.
Do that, and if the vacuum leak for the engine stops, and the  
whistling stops, you have found
the culprit. It could be the hose, or the servo.

Not sure about repair. Shouldn't be too difficult.

On Aug 14, 2006, at 10:14 AM, Bill Saidel wrote:

> Hi all,
> Now that the high heat is gone from the East Coast, I took my '76B  
> out for a run yesterday.  I noticed several "unpleasant" events  
> centered around the vehicle's brakes.  Could use some info.
> 1) Brakes required a heavy foot.
> 2) Heavy whistling from the area of the MC (and more likely, the  
> Servo Assembly).  Had this problem last year but it went away with  
> all the cruising I did last year.
> Whistling is much louder.
> 3) Also an apparent vacuum leak in the engine...symptom was a  
> modestly wild change in rpms when I braked.
> Now, I don't know if 3 is related to 1 &2. Is it?  But 1 & 2 seem  
> to indicate failure of the brake booster.
> So I go to the Moss catalog and the brake booster (item 182-190) is  
> NA.
> Is a reasonable guess that a membrane in the brake booster was  
> holed so the vacuum booster no longer has a vacuum to boost with?
> So where do I obtain either a replacement booster or a parts to  
> repair or .... (all suggestions wanted)?

Paul Root

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