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Re: whistling brakes

To: "Bill Saidel" <>, <>
Subject: Re: whistling brakes
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 17:03:34 +0100
Sounds like the brake servo or plumbing leaking, which will cause the
whistling, poor braking, and engine rev maladies. I'd be discounting a
simple pipe problem before looking to digging in to the servo!  With the
remote servo at least the assistance is minimal and running without it made
very little difference, to me at any rate.  I believe the integral servo
systems use a larger master bore so there is less pedal travel, but this
makes them harder so they have more assistance, which has a significant
effect on braking if you blank off the vacuum port on the inlet manifold as
a temporary measure.


----- Original Message ----- > 1) Brakes required a heavy foot.
> 2) Heavy whistling from the area of the MC (and more likely, the
> Servo Assembly).  Had this problem last year but it went away with
> all the cruising I did last year.
> Whistling is much louder.
> 3) Also an apparent vacuum leak in the engine...symptom was a
> modestly wild change in rpms when I braked.

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