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RE: Damaged MGA Engine?

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Subject: RE: Damaged MGA Engine?
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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 14:33:12 -0400
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Subject: Damaged MGA Engine?

I had an unfortunate incident that has developed into a mystery.  While 
cruising at highway speed in my MGA 1600, the oil gauge hose blew out 
gushing all my oil into the engine compartment.  (SNIP)

I've had two of these hoses go.  One at speed on a club outing in the hills
of PA and the other in my driveway.  This happened on an MGB, but the hose
is the same - and on my model ('68-'72) the hose goes through a tortuous
route to connect to the electric pressure sensor.  

I was lucky in that oil leaked into the passenger compartment and dripped on
the brake pedal.  I noticed the slipperiness, saw liquid on the floor carpet
and stopped the engine quickly before damage or unpleasant noises occurred.
Almost everyone in our club now carries a spare hose in their emergency kit.

Since the hose connects two fixed points on the engine block on my B,
instead of routing from the block to the firewall, I'm going to replace the
hose with a metal line and not have to worry about this again.     

Bill Schooler

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