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Re: Turn Signal Flasher

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Subject: Re: Turn Signal Flasher
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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 15:23:15 +0100
Never replace anything without testing first, it might only be a bad

The turn flasher wiring goes through the hazard switch as the turn flashers
must be disabled with the hazards on, or the fuel pump and ignition can
remain powered even with the ignition off.  Because the hazard switch is
rarely used the grease inside hardens and acts as an insulator.  Flicking
the switch back and fore can restore things, or you can dismantle it in a
poly bag to catch all the bits, clean out the grease, and reassemble.

The turn flasher is usually on the firewall inside the cabin, green and
light-green/green brown wires. The hazard flasher is either behind the
centre console on earlier cars or beside the turn flasher on later, brown
and light-green/brown wires.  The two light-green/brown wires are entirely
separate circuits despite the same colour.

With the ignition switch on and hazard switch off there should be 12v on
both connections of the turn flasher.  If not there is an open-circuit so
track the voltage on the green wire back through the hazard switch and
various 4-way bullet connectors to the fusebox.  If on green but not the
other the flasher unit *is* bad.  If on both operate the turn switch and for
about a second until they start flashing you should still have 12v on both
terminals.  If it goes from the green there is a high-resistance connection
back through the hazard switch to the fusebox.  If it stays on the green but
goes off the other then again the flasher unit is bad.  If it stays on both
there is an open-circuit in the light-green/brown forward through the turn
switch to the green/red or green/white wires to the lamps.


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> ... all my turn signals have stopped
> operating (including the indicator lights on the dash).

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