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Re: MGB patch panel

To: "Allen Hess" <>, <>
Subject: Re: MGB patch panel
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 15:31:17 +0100
I've documented my experiences at and click on '1/4-panel
replacement'.  Since then I've seen one recommendation to leave a flange
from the old panel all the way down the edge of the B-post, rather than
fully removing the lower part of the panel and plug-welding the new to the
B-post, but I think it would depend on how far the corrosion has gone
towards the B-post.  *Definitely* only cut away as little as you can, and
use as little of the new panel as you can, to put the join as low as
possible.  Don't offer up the full repair panel to the wing and cut to that.
Definitely use engine oil or a runny preservative in the narrow gaps between
sill and cover panel, don't just spray Waxoyl over the top of the gap.


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> I am about to begin the rear dog leg panel replacement. Does anyone
> have any tips or advice like "If I were doing it again, I'd do it
> this way . . . "

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