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Re: TD Won't Start

To: "Mike Razor" <>,
Subject: Re: TD Won't Start
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 09:14:13 +0100
Not done it on a TD but the first thing I do on a non-starter is clip a
timing light (inductive pickup type) to the coil lead and each plug lead.
No flashing on the coil lead and I go back to the primary circuit e.g.
points, coil and connections.  Flashing on the coil lead but not one or more
plug leads indicates bad cap and/or rotor.  Flashing on all leads usually
means fuel, could be plugs, although less likely if it has always started
properly and now suddenly won't start at all.  Also check the timing when on
No.1 lead.  After cranking for a bit take out the plugs.  If they are wet it
is flooded, cranking with the choke in and the throttle wide open should
clear that, be ready to release the throttle when it fires.  No fuel smell
at all means no fuel getting through, is there any fuel in the float
chambers?  Blowing in the overflow/vent should lift fuel out of the jets if
the passages are clear.  Dry but a strong fuel smell is correct, which
points back to ignition, timing, or insufficiently rich mixture for a cold


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> I am having trouble getting my TD to start...

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