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Re: Distributor/Ignition Question

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Subject: Re: Distributor/Ignition Question
From: "Frenken, Eric" <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 09:33:12 +0200
Bob and all,

there are 2 (generic) dizzys (4- and 6-cyl.) for British cars with Lucas
distributors where the rotor turns ccw (top view). They fit cars with negative
earth. You can choose from 16 curves and play around with the static timing,
which gives you an indefinite number x 16 curves.

Everybody who's interested in the curves can send me an email and I will come
back to you with some graphs showing these curves with examples of 10, 13, 15
and 17 degrees static timing.

Kind regards
Eric Frenken

It would be keen if someone developed an electronic distributor with an
'optimized' curve. I'm sure the original curves were compromises. There's
only so much you can do with springs and diaphragms. But in the mean time,
I'm happy with my Pertronix that at least keeps the old curve from slipping
(And eliminates the condenser, and dwell.)

BTW: Had an interesting ignition problem recently. The wire that keeps the
rotating Points/Pertronix plate grounded in the distributor became
intermittent. (After only 150K miles, imagine that.) The engine would
die, but
always started right up again. Drove my crazy tracking that down. Also made
me buy a new Pertronix that I didn't need.

Bob Donahue (Still Stuck in the '50s)
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