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Re: AC 'Midget'?

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Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 12:54:05 -0400
...not sure about the article/column you mention...but right on one of Jay's 
'Man on the street' spots on his show... he himself mentioned more than once 
that he use to drive an MGBGT as a youngster.

Paul Tegler

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Subject: AC 'Midget'?

> Sunday Times reports that the Kimber consortium (formed to buy MG Rover 
> but
> lost out to Nanjing) propose to manufacture the (failed) Smart roadster
> under the AC name.  "Midget" is used in the article like that i.e. in 
> quotes
> but capitalised. Didn't MG Rover get that?  And hence Nanjing?  Or did BMW
> keep it?
> Elsewhere Jay Leno (portrayed as something of a car buff) writes 
> Clarkson's
> column.  He writes that in his early years in Massachusetts: "You'd see an
> occasional MG, maybe a few oddball English sports cars but for the most 
> part
> that was it."  So doesn't he know MG then was English?  Or maybe he thinks
> it wasn't oddball.  Mind you, elsewhere he says "Ferrari or a Lamborghini
> were cars you'd see only in magazines. But you could come close to the
> performance with the Camaro or the Mustang."  Er, maybe in a long enough
> straight line.

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