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Re: Electrical - Should I be concerned?

To: "Blair J. Weiss" <>
Subject: Re: Electrical - Should I be concerned?
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 12:16:22 -0500
   Not to worry.  Fix the ground in the trunk and all will be well.


Blair J. Weiss wrote:
> So I am putting my 78 B back together after a long drawn out rebuild. 
> Finally  put the dash back in and all the connections... what's left? go 
> buy a battery... just for giggles, I put a voltmeter on my old battery 
> 11.97V... hum.. a little weak, (it's been sitting 3 years) but hasn't 
> lost a cell. Hum...
> Turn the key... no click, click click.... take the cover off, hit the 
> points with sandpaper... no click, click, click.
> Check the voltage to the pump at the terminal in the boot. got voltage.
> Take the fuel pump out connect to battery charger... clickity, clickity, 
> clickety... must be bad ground.
> Put fuel pump back in place. Connect battery, manually shove fuel pump 
> ground into neg. post of battery... clickity, clickity, clickety... 
> alright... turn the key... it started in 3 spins after been sitting 3 
> years...  turn backwards from the drivers seat and look through the 
> battery box at the fuel pump and happen to see a drip of fuel. shut it 
> down. Disconnect the batter neg. post.
> OK... so I want to see which hose is leaking... for some reason, I held 
> the ground lead from the fuel pump to the neg terminal of the battery 
> with the normal battery ground strap disconnected... the result was as 
> if I turned the key to the on position, the interier lights came on and 
> so did the dash dummy lights.. and the fuel pump started clicking... 
> so... I put the neg battery cable back on the neg battery terminal and 
> held the fuel pump common to the battery... nothing... so it appears the 
> electricals act normal when the ground lead is connected to the battery, 
> but with just the fuel pump ground to the battery, for some reason the 
> whole ingnition systems seems to turn on?
> Blair Weiss

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