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Re: Electrical - Should I be concerned?

To: "Blair J. Weiss" <>,
Subject: Re: Electrical - Should I be concerned?
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 09:08:41 +0100
Yes, fix the pump ground.  With some ground connected and some disconnected
you can get all sorts of funny interactions which it is a waste of time
trying to investigate or explain.  When investigating a non-clicking pump as
well as checking the voltage on the 12v supply terminal with respect to a
known good ground, you should also measure the voltage between the pump
*body* and a known good ground.  In the first case you should get 12v and in
the second 0v.  If you get anything above 0v on the pump body the ground is
bad, and this comes from one of the number plate bolts in the boot.  If that
is 0v and the 12v supply lead is less than 12v, then unless the battery is
flat, there is a bad connection between the pump and the ignition supply.


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> Turn the key... no click, click click.... take the cover off, hit the
> with sandpaper... no click, click, click.
> Check the voltage to the pump at the terminal in the boot. got voltage.
> Take the fuel pump out connect to battery charger... clickity, clickity,
> clickety... must be bad ground.

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