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Crazyrays and MGs

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Subject: Crazyrays and MGs
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Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 10:38:39 -0500
Hey guys and gals.....
    We were talking about the $1200 Midget that was at the Hawkins Point 
Crazy Rays junk yard.....

  Well I spent nearly 7 hours yesterday going through the US Rt1 yard as 
well as the Hawkins Point yard, gathering more F.I. parts for future 
The US Rt1 yard now has three full roadsters sitting right in the parking 
lot side by side for sale as whole cars. They're just outside the fence, 
right near the main checkout window.
    Down in the yard (far back field. right o nthe main road), is a  rubber 
bumper wire wheel car, relatively complete. But now minus the Weber DGV carb 
and manifold I personally pulled yesterday.  I guess the average person 
there didn't know how to open the bonnet!  :-)

The Hawkins Point yard has a '71 BGT sitting out there as well  Not really 
ripped up yet but not in the best of shape either.

Paul Tegler 

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