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Re: fuel tank preparation

To: "Daniel Hackney" <>, <>
Subject: Re: fuel tank preparation
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 15:36:19 -0000
Where is the surface rust?  If at the bottom then on the one hand it will 
have petrol covering it so shouldn't rust further, but on the other when 
condensation slowly develops in the tank it *will* have water on the bottom. 
However it needs both water and air to rust, so should still be OK.  If 
higher up i.e. above the fuel line a significant amount of the time then it 
could continue to rust.  One hears of internal coatings one can pour in and 
swill round, but one also hears that they block the screen and suction pipe 
where these are part of the tanks construction.  Why bother with a drain 
plug?  the tank should be  fit and forget item once externally painted.  You 
can change senders (which should be another infrequent exercise) with up to 
1/4 tank if you raise the right rear corner.  However if it *is* a Heritage 
tank, I'd expect them to be 'correct' i.e. have a drain plug if one was 
provided on that model originally.  What year is the car?  I thought only 
the early strap-on tanks had a drain plug, and Heritage don't seem to do 
that one.


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> ...  I plan to clean with Simple Green,
> then etch and seal using the Moss products.
> Secondly, I would like to add a drain plug. 

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