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Re: '70 new top install questions

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Subject: Re: '70 new top install questions
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Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2006 14:53:17 -0000
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Yes, remove the rubber strip and alloy channel to allow you to glue the vinyl underneath it. Sheet metal screws or pop-rivets for replacement. Have a look which way round the rubber strip goes, mine is very slightly 'handed'. The way it was originally the two 'bumps' on the face of the seal that contacts the top of the screen frame were in the more rearward of the two possible positions, and every time I closed the hood the rearmost bump got trapped and I had to run a finger-tip along it to push it forwards. When I fitted a new one recently I fitted it the other way. Shuts perfectly now, and doesn't leak.


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Should I remove the rivets and maybe just replace it with sheet
metal screws after the top is cemented in and tucked under it?
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