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Re: radio

To: Hans Duinhoven <>, Monte/Jane Morris
Subject: Re: radio
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 10:39:25 -0500
If I remember correctly from my earliest physics days the impedance 
of the radio has to match the impedance of the aerial total set up, 
which includes the wiring.  With this condition satisfied the radio 
will put out the maximum power.

At 05:56 AM 12/16/2006, Hans Duinhoven wrote:
>Hi Monte,
>Older radios have a kind of screw inside, which functions as an 
>attenuation for the arial.
>This is to match the impedance of the arial with the receiving part 
>of the radio.
>Try to find this screw, which is normally attached to a variable 
>capacitor and turn it while the radio has been tuned to a less 
>powerfull radiostation. A manual will help in finding the screw.
>When the best sound is reached, the radio has been tuned with the 
>arial impedance.
>Hope this helps.
>71 BGT w/o radio - I prefer the sound of the engine....
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>>In the 79, I installed a Jensen radio a few years back. It has always
>>sounded as if it was "under water". It seems to have better reception if I
>>advance the tuning one "notch" past the actual frequency of the radio
>>station. Is there a fix for this?
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