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Re: Choke

To: "Thomas L. Burgin" <>
Subject: Re: Choke
From: "Simon Matthews" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 10:56:22 -0800
At the risk of being condescending....

You do know that the knob turns to lock and unlock it in position
don't you (not sure if this is true for all model years)?


On 12/21/06, Thomas L. Burgin <> wrote:
> Has anyone been able the change the pull of the choke cable on a SU
> Carburetor?   Only the British could think of putting it
> backwards.  The pulling of the inside wire to pull the outside
> housing is placing a strain on the dash panel. Has anyone made or
> found a fitting that would reverse this method?  Maybe a washer
> welded on a bolt would do it.  I don't have anyone who could weld a
> small piece like that.

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