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Re: Choke

Subject: Re: Choke
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 09:51:11 -0500
   It is the MGB you describe?  Backwards it may seem, but it works well
enough.  The lubricant does dry out and the cable benefits from an
occasional drop of oil or WD 40 every so often.  If yours is difficult to
pull, try a few drops of the WD 40 for an initial loosening-up, then some
drops of oil once it works smoothly.  Meantime, you can take a bit of the
load off the choke cable by pressing the throttle when you pull the
   If the cable is still scratchy it may be that the inner wire has a
broken strand or two that catches on the ID of the outer cable.  Usually,
though not always, you can slide out the old inner cable and replace with
new inner cable, leaving the old outer cable in place. 
On Thu, 21 Dec 2006 23:55:33 -0600 "Thomas L. Burgin" <>
> Has anyone been able the change the pull of the choke cable on a SU 
> Carburetor?   Only the British could think of putting it 
> backwards.  The pulling of the inside wire to pull the outside 
> housing is placing a strain on the dash panel. Has anyone made or 
> found a fitting that would reverse this method?  Maybe a washer 
> welded on a bolt would do it.  I don't have anyone who could weld a 
> small piece like that.
> Thomas L. Burgin

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