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To: "Thomas L. Burgin" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Choke
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 08:49:55 -0000
How much of a strain is it putting on the dashboard?  Would it make any 
difference if it was reversed?  All the pressure exerted by the user on the 
knob is transmitted to the outer and then whatever the outer is attached to 
i.e. the dash in both cases.  I've never heard of anyone experiencing metal 
fatigue of the dashboard, but a number where the choke has been stiff - if 
the cable is badly run or the inner partially seized then reversing the 
connections at the carbs won't make any difference.  The only difference 
between the two arrangements is that where the cable comes up from below and 
it *is* the outer that moves at the carb end then you *do* have to make sure 
that the outer has unobstructed movement through the full choke range.  You 
also need to make sure the carb linkages are correctly set, with the choke 
half pulled the angle between the outer and the lever on the choke 
interconnecting shaft should make as close to a right-angle as you can get. 
If it is significantly less or more then a right-angle then it makes it 
stiff at either the start or end of movement.  You set this by a combination 
of the choke shaft clamps and the cable inner clamp.


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> Has anyone been able the change the pull of the choke cable on a SU 
> Carburetor? 

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