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Re: Motor Mounts

To: "Valda and Merl Rosenthal" <>,
Subject: Re: Motor Mounts
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 09:47:18 -0000
The shims shouldn't have made any difference to removal, sounds like the 
various metal-to-metal surfaces were rusted together.  An 80 should have the 
same chassis mount arrangements as the V8, and as such should be slotted to 
allow the angled studs on the rubbers to drop in.  However on the V8 the 
combination of stud and slot length are such that the engine cannot be 
dropped vertically in, or lifted vertically out, but has to be twisted 
slightly to get first one in (or out) then the other.  Square mount MGBs had 
various shims to get the correct alignment between the *round* holes in the 
mounts and chassis as they don't have slots.  V8's having the slots don't 
need that but also have various shims to ensure the manifolds clear the 
inner wing and rack shaft.  V8s also have plates between the block and the 
rubber mounts, but I don't think 4-cylinder engines do as the engine front 
plate performs that role.


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>...  When removing it
> this summer, I found it very difficult to get the engine out because it
> appeared it was wedged between the front motor mounts... 

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